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Research Committee

Prof Andreas Roposch (Chair) email
Mr Alexander Aarvold
Mr Stephen Cooke
Mr Mark Gaston
Mr Sanjeev Madan
Mr Nicolas Nicolaou
Mr Dan Perry

Applications for studies to be considered by the Research Committee must only be submitted using the PICO form available here



  • To support and advise the BSCOS membership on research in paediatric orthopaedic surgery.
  • To liaise with the BSCOS board on the direction and strategy of paediatric orthopaedic research in the UK.
  • To develop research links with national and international organisations and funding bodies.


The main responsibilities are to:

  • Provide professional advice and guidance for BSCOS members who have an interest carrying out prospective research in paediatric orthopaedic surgery.
  • Review projects submitted via a standardised ‘PICO’ form published on the BSCOS website.
  • Develop the priorities for paediatric orthopaedic research and communicate this with the membership and funding bodies.
  • Explore avenues of funding.
  • Spread awareness of current and future research projects and disseminate results to BSCOS members and beyond.
  • Suggest expert reviewers to funding bodies for grant applications in subject relevant areas.


  • The research committee (RC) will be made up of 8 members, quorum for each meeting to be a minimum of 4 members, one of whom must be the chair. All members except for the patient/carer representative should be full and active members of BSCOS.
  • The term of office for members will be three years. Members can seek re-election for a further term (maximum 2 terms).
  • Applications for membership will be sought by the BSCOS Board from full members of BSCOS as and when new members are required on the RC. It would be expected that there would be representation from both university and NHS employed consultants.
  • One member will be a patient/carer representative. The RC will liaise with the various charities to ask for suitable volunteers.


  • The chair will be proposed by the RC and approved by the BSCOS Board and will represent the RC on the BSCOS board.
  • The term of office is three years and the chair can seek re-election for a further term (maximum of 2 terms).


  • Accountability is to the BSCOS board.

Frequency of Meetings

  • The RC will meet every 6 months with further meetings arranged if required.

Date for review: October 2019

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